FPS MH-Series

Horizontal multi-stage pumps

Franklin Electric’s stainless steel, high performance horizontal multi-stage pumps are designed for use in domestic, industrial and agricultural applications.

Select-A-Pump Pump sizing system
  • Features

    • Compact close-coupled design, robust and rust-resistant / superior efficiency and performance
    • Flexible application base plate
    • Floating neck ring in AISI 304 and PTFE, Teflon
    • Heavy duty oversized motor shaft
    • Impellers and diffusers are made of stainless steel for durability
    • Easy maintenance
    • Hydraulic stack can be removed without disconnecting the pipework
    • Strong and leak-proof motor bearing in the motor bracket
    • Pumping of clear fluids
    • Mechanical seal SC/SC/Viton.


    • Small domestic and industrial systems / domestic water supply
    • Water distribution / pressure boosting
    • Irrigation / gardening / sprinklers / rainwater collection
    • Industrial plants / wash down units
    • Cooling and chilling / heating and conditioning / air conditioning systems
    • Fertigation
    • Other various installations.