SVM Pressure Sets

SVM pressure sets

SVM pressure sets work in conjunction with high efficiency stainless steel pumps, incorporating EPDM food grade bladders best suited for the transportation of pressurised drinking water.

  • Performance

    • Flow rates from 30ℓ/min to 400ℓ/min
    • Heads up to 290m.


    • Stainless steel motor adaptor and discharge head for increased strength and durability
    • Polycarbonate impellers, stainless steel bowls and Noryl® diffusers reduce possibility of seizing
    • Built-in check valve to protect the pump against water hammer
    • Impeller design incorporates built-in up-thrust protection
    • Features an 11mm across flats shaft.


    • Automatic distribution of pressurised water for domestic purposes
    • Increase pressure of mains supply
    • Garden watering – automatic irrigation
    • Pressure distribution of water from wells and storage tanks
    • Washing systems
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