Axial Flow Pumps

Franklin Electric’s Tsunami axial flow pumps are engineered and designed to move large volumes of water at relatively low heads.

  • Performance

    • Flow rates up to 2 600ℓ/s
    • Heads range from 1 to 100m


    • Low cost installation with minimal civil requirements
    • Permanently submerged turbine
    • Motor can be positioned well above the flood level
    • No valves or return valves required
    • Self-flushing
    • High efficiencies
    • Low load starting conditions
    • Varying head conditions result in small variations in flow
    • Range of materials of construction to suit various conditions
    • Heavy duty thrust assembly coupled with a Hardy Spicer shaft or a right-angled gear drive
    • Stainless steel shafts, impellers and impeller rings as standard materials of construction
    • Simple and reliable


    • Transfer of large volumes of water at relatively low levels
    • Aqua-culture and other marine industries
    • Effuent recycling within sewage works
    • Features in water parks
    • Backwash water from filters
    • Water harvesting from rivers and dams
    • Product transfer in process plants
    • Flood irrigation
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