Rotary Lobe Pumps

Rotorflo is a high-performance, compact pump requiring little maintenance, designed for hygiene-conscious industries. Franklin Electric is the only South African pump manufacturer to be awarded the European Hygienic Equipment Design Group (EHEDG) certification for its design of a rotary lobe pump.

  • Performance

    • Flow rates up to 96m3/h
    • Pressures up to 15 bar


    • Shafts are made of heavy-duty, large-sectioned stainless steel for less deflection and enhanced rigidity
    • Helical gears time the main and lay shafts to maintain accurate clearances between the rotors. These clearances ensure high volumetric efficiency and increased suction
    • Main bearings are of the standard taper-roller type
    • Gearboxes are grease or oil lubricated
    • Shaft sealing can be achieved by mechanical seal, packed gland or “O” ring, to suit application
    • The spigotted rotor case is positively located on the bearing housing, eliminating loose dowels
    • The 12-involute spline configuration ensures accurate positioning of rotors during assembly
    • Low-shear characteristics protect delicate products
    • Positive displacement technology ensures efficient transfer of all liquid viscosities
    • The pumping chamber is fully swept, ensuring no product entrapment
    • “O” ring seal profiled to the edge of pumping chamber. Most covers are flush, minimising areas where bacterial growth can occur
    • All wetted parts are made from 316 stainless steel
    • Full diameter porting supplied as standard. Fittings available to suit customer specification. Enlarged inlets for hopper feed also available
    • Shimming external to gearbox to allow for quick and simple adjustments of rotor clearances when required
    • The gear housing is manufactured from robust cast iron
    • Keyed gears produce a positive drive to ensure that timing does not have to be reset when rotors are changed
    • “O” ring seals on rotor keeps splines free of product contamination
    • The front cover can be supplied with a pressure relief valve built in to protect against overload.


    • Food
    • Pharmaceutical
    • Dairy
    • Hygiene-sensitive applications
    • For pumping shear-sensitive or viscous fluids