Orbit Power Pump Range

Franklin Electric’s Orbit range of helical rotor, horizontal power pumps for high flow and high head water transfer duties and similar applications are highly efficient over a broad range of heads and speeds for reduced fuel and/or electricity consumption.

Select-A-Pump Pump sizing system
  • Performance

    • Flow rates up to 70m3/h
    • Heads up to 300m


    • Abrasion-resistant
    • Constant, non-pulsating flow
    • Pressure head developed is independent of pump speed
    • Flow is proportional to speed
    • High developed head for irrigation
    • Suitable for drive by electric motor (AC/DC/solar), petrol engine, diesel engine or tractor PTO
    • Serviceable on site by unskilled labour
    • Stainless steel flexible shaft


    • Stock watering
    • Spray irrigation
    • Domestic water supply
    • Water extraction from saturated river beds
    • High capacity flow water transfer